Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year

Here's a little batch of stuff done over the holidays in my sketchbook.

 Bear at the Irvine Zoo. Mostly watercolor, a little white gouache.

Bird at the Santa Ana Zoo. Watercolor.

Mixed on Yupo paper with help from my friend Nils.

My son fishing from our favorite spot at Lake Hemet. 

Personal Sketchbook piece.


  1. didn't know you had a blog, i have your droar series of sketchbooks and the watercolor studies of the animals are just serene.
    these studies are gorgeous, please keep posting once in a while.

  2. lovely Justin. The bird's particularly nice. Love that little hit of red on his/her cheek.

  3. beautiful! i just love the painting of the bear and the bird so much!!

  4. This is kick ass!